The First Registered Domain

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The First Registered Domain

Nowadays the need in the Internet industry has become a $ 1.5 trillion industry need online projects for other institutions Domain URL that can mean obtaining an important privilege. Domain registration until today to become the official institutions and this differs depending on the country is able to be a Domain Name with the extensions still preferring prestigious sites as .com extension. In 1995, a total of 120,000 .com domain extension, while today that number is about 100 million. Computer Corporation officially registered on March 15 By 1985 Massachusetts the first .com domain extension which I As of the year 2012 is celebrating its 27 anniversary.

And some of other “the most” information are below;

  • The biggest domain registration company is,
  • The first 2 lenght character domain is which registered in 1986,
  • The most used domain extention is .Com and then .Net and .Org are the other popular ones,
  • The longest domain name which saved in Guinness Record Book is;  ““,
  • According to some sources the most expensive domain with 16$ millions sale is “” and the other domain is “” with its saved sale 13-14$ on Guinness,
  • And the most popular domain names all around the world;,,, and

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