What is Humans TXT? How to Use Humans.txt?

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What is Humans TXT? How to Use Humans.txt?

Robots.txt file has known by site owner and webmasters which used to allow search engines to crawl specific pages or not. Nowadays there is a new idea as humans.txt but instead of saying compliant robots some rules, humans.txt provides information about the people and techniques behind the site. You can easily credit each people who helps to build your website, developed, contributed with SEO or SEM implementations, than you may add that link to website.

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How to Create Humans.txt?

As you wish you may create a notepad file as name humans.txt and fill it with template whown below before uploading it to your root folder of website. (Same place where robots.txt stands) However if you have a wordpress website you may choose to use that Humans.txt Plugin to create file directly within WordPress. The other option is to use Humans.txt Creator website which allow you easily create humans.txt file and download to your pc, and than you should upload it to your site’s root directory.

Here is the recommended humans.txt template, but of course you can edit or totally change how you would like to provide information to HUMANS. You may add contact info, social profiles, e-mail adresses, basic site data and any person who contributes with your website.

/* TEAM */

Webmaster: Name Surname
Contact: webmaster [at]
Twitter: @webmaster
From: City, Country

Editor: Name Surname
Contact: editor [at]
Twitter: @editor
From: City, Country

/* THANKS */

SEO: Name Surname
Contact: editor [at]
Twitter: @editor
From: City, Country

/* SITE */

Site Name: Sitenizin Başlığı
Site URL: URL address
Last update: 2013/12/06
Language: English
Doctype: HTML5
IDE: Notepad++, FileZilla, Photoshop

After you uploaded file, you may add this author tag to the section  of the site:


In addition: You can find the websites which use humans.txt with searching inurl:”*.com/humans.txt” on Google

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