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Remarketing Services

Remarketing is also known Retargeting, helps you to target your visitors based on behaviour, demographic segmentation or specific marketing strategy. Remarketing is any sales and advertising strategy that maintains contact with potential customers after they visit a business. While remarketing existed prior to the Internet, its use online is increasingly common and highly effective. Remarketing consists of any marketing materials that remind people of businesses they have visited in the past, increasing the likelihood that those people will make repeat purchases.

Remarketing is great for business owners because it targets qualified traffic. Targeting shoppers who have already visited your site sees much higher conversion rates and ROI’s than more conventional marketing tactics.

Google’s Dynamic Remarketing service is unique for retailers because it integrates seamlessly with the Google advertising programs that many retailers already use: Google Adwords and Google Product Listing Ads.

As Sem Sector, we work with clients from the non profit and for profit sectors to evaluate programs process and ROI. Together we identify opportunities in marketplace and workflow. Through collaboration and idea sharing our clients are able to integrate emerging technologies, access new markets and gain enterprise knowledge.

Whether search or display remarketing, SEMP will help your business improve its PPC advertising results. SemSector offers complete retargeting services, including campaign development and management services. If you would like to find out more about whether remarketing is an appropriate tactic to add to your online advertising strategy then please contact us

What do we offer:

  • Website and audience analyses
  • Implementing technical assets
  • Creating and optimizing strategies
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Better conversion rates & Cost effective branding
  • Consumer portfolio and improved ROI oriented precise targeting
  • Google Adwords Silver Package

     1.100,00  1.000,00
    Satın Al
  • Google Adwords Bronze Package

    Satın Al
  • Google Adwords Gold Package

    Satın Al
  • Facebook Advertising Silver Package

     1.100,00  1.000,00
    Satın Al
  • Facebook Advertising Bronze Package

    Satın Al
  • Facebook Advertising Gold Package

    Satın Al

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