Global Market Finder Free Tool

google global market finder

Global Market Finder Free Tool

Google global pazar fırsatları aracı

Google company released one of the newest tool for advertisers, publishers and business owners. It is available in many language and Global Market Finder is a free, online application that helps you find new markets for your products or services overseas.

It helps you compare opportunities from different locations around the world using the following:

  • Google Search data
  • Google Translate keyword translation
  • AdWords keyword bid and competition
  • These metrics allow you to compare the cost of acquiring a new customer with your product margins and help you to determine whether reaching customers in a new market is good for your business.

As stated in the AdWords Terms and Conditions, you’re responsible for the keywords and ad text you use in your ads. Be sure to confirm that the results you elect to use from Google Global Market Finder are accurate. Additionally, please confer with your own legal counsel regarding possible issues surrounding advertising or distributing your products in other countries or regions.

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