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Social Media Marketing Service

The experimentation era in social media marketing is long over. Social media has proven to be a viable and potentially lucrative marketing channel for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, across the globe. As more and more companies jump on the social media bandwagon, it is more important now than ever that you provide value, not add to the clutter already on the social web. As Semsector, our social media management services save businesses more time and generate more results.

Social media audit analyzes in depth your site’s presence across the various social networks and offers a strategy for ways to improve it. We can assess your needs, outline opportunities, and prescribe specific actions for long-term social media success. We’ll outline which communities are worth monitoring, what the competition is doing and how you can naturally enter these communities and form relationships. This strategy document will also show you how to identify the important conversations in your industry and when, how and whom to reach out to.

What do we offer:

Our social strategy is founded in measurable goals, ongoing monitoring/reporting and tying your social media marketing accomplishments directly to business goals, in order to ensure the greatest return on your investment.

Brand Management

Finding & securing the appropriate usernames & profiles across the channels. Your brand is obviously very important and so our social team will always be on hand to help to turn potential customer problems into praise.

Social Media Monitoring

We’ll comb the social networks, making sure that you know who’s talking about you, what they’re saying and what they think, and whether it’s positive. This ensures that you are always ahead of the conversation, ready to contribute whenever you need to.

Social PR

Our close relationships & contacts with some of the most authoritative publishers, bloggers, journalists & influencers mean that we can help bridge that gap between offline and online content that really means your content gets the coverage it deserves.

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and our social media reporting will help identify and inform future activity not only in your social circles but across all your marketing channels

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